HIV Disclosure

It’s important to break down the barriers related to HIV and learn from each other.

Telling someone you are living with HIV can sometimes be difficult. You don’t know how they will respond or whether they will treat you differently afterwards.   

What does it mean to disclose your status?

HIV disclosure refers to sharing personal information about your HIV status with someone else. Many people living with HIV have to go through this experience several times during their lifetime. These experiences can be both rewarding and problematic, as it is impossible to gauge how someone will react.

The anticipation of whether the response will be supportive and loving or dismissive and even physically violent can be anxiety-provoking, and sometimes stops people from disclosing their HIV status at all. It can also depend on who you are telling and in what context. For example, is it a hook up during a one night stand; someone you are starting to date; new friends you recently met or long-time friends you have known for years; your family members or your employer? There is no right or wrong way to disclose. It can be planned or happen at the moment. It is a very personal decision to make.

It is a very personal decision to make.  

There should be no expectation that someone living with HIV has to share their HIV status with you.  

Watch the experiences of people living with HIV regarding disclosure.

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